Kate Feldt
Thank you so much for capturing so many amazing moments on our wedding day, and for doing so seamlessly throughout the day :)  We loved the recap video you made and we cannot wait to see more!  Thank you also for sending the video of the father/daughter dance.  We sent it to my dad's mother in South Africa (from whom he learned his dancing skills) and she was beside herself, literally in tears of joy, especially since she was unable to make it.  I'm so glad we decided to do videography as the day flew by and I can't wait to live it all over again through your eyes. Thank you again, Larry!

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 Lauren Brashears:
Larry this recap is breathtaking!! I can't stop watching it!! Thank you sooooo much for spending your Saturday with us... We are infinitely grateful for your time and talent!!


Hi Larry Thank you so much for Gina and Ariel's video clip.
It is outstanding and we have lots & lots of compliments. We love it!
So a big thank you.
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Margie Berger Levinson

The best videographer, who knows and goes where the action is and tells a beautifully visual story !!
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Beth Hickey
Awesome video! Absolutely beautiful! Now I'm crying all over again.

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Oh my god Larry thank you so, so much!  This looks amazing, thank you for filming our wedding, because it's the only way I'm even going to remember what happened! Thank you thank you, this looks beautiful!!!A major shout out to our amazing videographer, Larry Wayne- only 1 minute and 30 seconds and I'm already blown away!"

 Christine Chandler: To the BEST videographer in the business: Evolution Films / Larry Wayne. If you didn't know...you better ask somebody!! He and his wife, Jai Girard Photography are the BOMB.COM and bring it!!! You heard it hear first. Recognize or get left behind!!!

"Larry, You are a genius!!!! We LOVE this video! You have a way of capturing so much and capturing the essence of the events surrounding Austin's bar mitzvah.
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to work with and I cherish our long standing relationship and friendship."

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Everyone says that your wedding will fly by and that you need to step back and take a moment to take it in so you remember it. Instead, just enjoy every minute of your wedding, stay on that dance floor with your new husband/wife/partner, and let Larry Wayne and the team at Evolution Films step back and record the memories for you!

I don't even know where to start with all of the good things I have to say.  Larry is truly a cinematic genius.  He and his wife Jai (of Jai Girard Photography, Inc.) work so well together and each of their work compliments the other's perfectly.  Larry directs beautiful moments while still allowing for all of the special private times between the bride and groom.  He did not make me or my husband feel overwhelmed at all and we were shooting for 12 hours--1:30 PM to 1:30 AM.  It's so nice to work with a professional who still acts like a person!

Furthermore, four days later, we received an email with a link to a four minute video recap from our wedding!  We were able to reminisce immediately.  The video is so beautiful and captured the most important and special day of our lives perfectly.

Hi Larry:  Just wanted to let you know our son's wedding was last weekend, and we showed the montage you made and everyone loved it!  Thanks again for doing a super job.

-Wendy and Wayne Rhodes


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